"Networking in micro-nanosystems in Europe"

Dan Dascalu

Nanotechnology: Commission launches consultation on how best to assess health and environmental risks

October 20, 2005


Proposals for visit to TU Bratislava

Organizers: Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of EE & IT, contact: Bedrich Weber, bedrich.weber@elf.stuba.sk, tel: + 421 2 60291363, GSM: + 421 907 988426
in cooperation with: TU Vienna, Dr. Werner Brenner

Country: Slovakia

Place: Microelectronics Dept., Faculty of EE & IT, Ilkovicova 3, Bratislava

Duration:  May 16, 2006, 7 hours

Short description (objectives and possible benefits for the participants):
The visit has been initiated by TU Vienna (Assoc. Prof. W. Brenner) but is opened for other partners.
The aim of the visit is to identify areas of possible future R&D and also educational cooperation in the field of micro-, nano-, opto- and bio-technologies and systems. Short presentations of the Dept. of Microelectronics and Dept. of Physics as well as International Laser Centre (ILC) and presentations by the visitors from TU Vienna and others will be followed by visits to faculty and ILC labs.
Researchers from other Slovakian organisations will be also invited.

If the visit is coupled with other events, please specify: NO

Categories of participants expected: Researchers and teachers in all related MNT areas

Draft Agenda
May 16, 2006

09:30 Welcome Coffee
10:00 Short introduction to education and R&D activities at

- Microelectronics Dept. - micro-, nano-, opto- (Prof. D. Donoval, Head of the Dept.)
- Dept. of Physics - bio-sensors (Prof. J. Cirak, Head of Dept.)
- Int. Laser Centre (Prof. F. Uherek, Deputy-Director of ILC)

10: 45 Presentations by the visitors (to be completed)
11:30  Discussion, arrangement of the lab visits
12:00  Lunch
13:00  Visits to the labs at the Dept. of Microelectronics, Physics and ILC
(in the faculty premises)
16:00  Discussion and conclusions
16:30  Wrap up

Preliminary list of guests from TU Vienna:

  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Werner Brenner, Institute of Sensor and Actuator Systems, Head of Research Department Microsystems
  • Dr. Walter Smetana, Institute of Sensor and Actuator Systems, Deputy of Research Department Material Sciences
  • Univ. Prof. Dr. Emmerich Bertagnolli, Head of Solid State of Electronics Institute
  • Dr. Aleksandar Vujanic, Director of Centre of Excellence IMA (Integrated Microsystems Austria)