"Networking in micro-nanosystems in Europe"

Dan Dascalu

Nanotechnology: Commission launches consultation on how best to assess health and environmental risks

October 20, 2005


“Cooperation in the Field of Micro and Nano Structures
 and Preparation for FP7”

MINOS  Event
Ljubljana, May, 11th, 2006

Other info on Slovenian MINOS web: http://www.minos-euronet.si/


Local organiser:    Laboratory of Microsensor Structures and Electronics - LMSE
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Trzaska 25, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

 Place: Predavalnica LDOS (kletni prostori nove stavbe FE), FE UL


11.30    Participants Arrival, Coffee and Welcome
12.00    Meeting Opening (Prof.S.Amon, Head, LMSE)
12.15   Presentation of Activities in the field of Micro and Nanostructures, given by the meeting participants
14.00    Lunch
15.00    Visit of laboratories
16.00   Talks on possible cooperation and preparation for FP7, and activities related to MINOS project
16.30    Conclusions and closing of the meeting

Contact Person:
Prof.dr. Slavko Amon
LMSE - Laboratory of Microsensor Structures and Electronics
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
University of Ljubljana
Trzaska 25, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
phone :  +386 1 47 68 352;    fax :  +386 1 42 64 630
e-mail:   slavko.amon@fe.uni-lj.si
personal web:     http://www.fe.uni-lj.si/staff/staff-S.html
laboratory web :   http://lms.fe.uni-lj.si