"Networking in micro-nanosystems in Europe"

Dan Dascalu

Nanotechnology: Commission launches consultation on how best to assess health and environmental risks

October 20, 2005


Proposals for visits
Info day and brokerage event in Warsaw, 10-11 May 2006


Organizers (name of the institution, contact person and contact details): Institute of Electron Technology, Warsaw, Poland, Piotr Dumania, pdumania@ite.waw.pl, tel  +48 601 392373

Country: Poland

Place: Warsaw, Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, 02-109 Warsaw, ul. Ks. Trojdena 9

Duration:  10-11  May 2005

Short description (objectives and possible benefits for the participants):

The meeting will be devoted to:

  1. The information on FP7
  2. Brookerage of the east- west research offer and demands in order to  establish potential partnership
  3. Visiting laboratories 

Agenda; Poster

If the visit is coupled with other events, please specify: No

Categories of participants expected:

  1. Western partners of the MINOS-EURONET project representing FP6 NoE’s  and IP’s
  2.  Eastern partners of the MINOS project
  3. Polish members of national Scientific Network MINAS
  4. Czech representative of “Nanotechnology for Society”  network: prof Petr Lauda
  5. Polish NCP representatives
  6. Representatives of Polish research community and companies from the field of micro- and nano- structures